Tuesday, August 28, 2012

No Post-Race Blues Allowed!

The obstacle course race I looked forward to for months is over. I finished the Spartan Super, and now it's back to regular life. And there's this natural let-down, the feeling you get when you no longer have something big to look forward to that for so long was motivating you in more ways than you'd even realized.

But I refuse to be depressed about this, even one bit. I had so much fun doing my first obstacle course race!I wish there was another one this coming weekend. I want to run faster, go harder and do it even better than I did last weekend.

Barbed Wire Mud Crawl at the Mid-Atlantic Super Spartan 2012. Photo from Facebook.
And so I will train, I will run, I will work hard, I will do pushups and pullups and squats and burpees even when my body protests, becasue someday I will race another obstacle course and I want do even better.


  1. Congrats on running the Super Spartan! There's nothing like one good mud run to get you addicted to obstacle racing. I'm looking forward to the Spartan Time trial in Fenway park later this year.

  2. Thanks! Yes, it's true -- one race and I am hooked! What is the Time trial? Is ti to qualify for the Beast or Ultra Beast?