Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another OCR Completed: Rogue Runner VA

I ran my second obstacle course race this past Saturday, finishing first for women along with my sister (we crossed at the same second). My goal was first place and while there wasn't the same level of competition there as you see at a Spartan event, it was still gratifying nonetheless.

The race event itself had lots of pros and cons, but overall for a first-time event they did get a good deal right. I'll post a full review later this week.

For now, here's my team: The Spartan Rogues.

I'm on the far left in pink, with my little guy wearing my medals. My sister is in black on the far right. You know what's cool? The five ladies you see in this picture took the top five spots for women. And we have 14 kids between us all. How cool is that? Go mud racing moms!!

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